Ace it

Ace it

What do you want to create?

We rely on the creativity of our community. Every day, we hear awesome ideas from our members about what they’d like to see on our platform. We want to give them the resources and the guidance to make those ideas a reality.

This is why we’re launching the Aces. These brand ambassadors hold an ongoing relationship with AD. They are multifaceted, connected, and active people, and won’t settle for a dull life. They have an entrepreneurial mindset. They are ambitious for their future, yet relish the present. 

Sound like you? Let’s dig into the details.

The Role You Play

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The role is simple and fun. Here’s how it works.

  1. You come up with an idea for an event or activity you’d love to do. It can be anything you like: hangout at your favourite bar, host a networking event, hold a screening for your new short film, chill over a board game night – whatever!
  2. You create the event on Authentic Days and on other online platforms to promote it and invite people from your circle and beyond.
  3. You take care of any logistics.
  4. You meet the group and see what happens.

In short: you create activities you’re passionate about, you invite friends and acquaintances to join them, then you host the event. Easy right? 

Fundamentally, we want these events to be the foundations of new communities. The first one you make will probably involve meeting lots of new people. At the next, you’ll get some coming back for more. By the time you do your third, fourth, and fifth, you’ll have regulars. As your community grows, you can fine tune and develop your event.

Not sure you're up to the challenge?

Okay, so at first it can sound a little daunting. You have a great idea but putting it into practice seems like a big task. You’re not alone!

No, really – we are here to help. We don’t just leave you to do everything yourself. Our experienced team will talk through your ideas and help you craft the perfect event. We assist with promotion and logistics. We also have a portfolio of business partners – trusted professionals and venues who work with us – who you are welcome to use to make your events special. Oh and the best thing – we give you a budget to put on these events.

Share your passion | Become an Ace

What we offer

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We look after our Aces. The role is designed to help you develop professional skills while you have fun and do what you love. Our benefits include:

  • A budget from AD for your own events and activities
  • A ready access to AD’s business partners (local venues, caterers, professionals) to enhance your events
  • Logistical help from experienced AD staff
  • Real-life experience and skills from working with a start-up: event management, budget handling, logistics, etc.
  • Fostering of entrepreneurial potential
  • Enhanced resume with the possibility of a professional reference
  • Ability to network with like-minded individuals who are also Ace members through private events, parties, and activities hosted by AD
  • Special perks at public AD activities (free beer!)

What's Next?

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Let’s recap:

  1. You get a budget, logistical and promotional support, and venues and suppliers for your event.
  2. You create whatever event you want to do and invite whoever you want.
  3. You host the event and grow your community from there. Who knows the places it will take you?

Above all, becoming an Ace gives you the chance to expand your network with dynamic, fascinating people who like to put themselves out there in the world. This is the profile that we’re looking for: people who want to share their passions with both new and old friends. 

If you’re ready to expand your circle, learn new skills, and make lasting memories, click the link below to apply.

Apply here!

Share your passion | Become an Ace

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